Nitrile - Premium Blue 5 MIL Exam Gloves
model number NPFT10XX
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Fully textured Outer finish
Increased Tensile Strength
Increased Puncture Resistance
100% Latex Free
Chlorinated for increased elasticity
Slightly thicker than standard exam glove
Superior chemical resistance to a broad range of chemicals
** Also available in XXL**

Sold in Case Quantities (10 Boxes per Case)

Orders will usually ship within 1-2 Business Days. 

Unless otherwise noted, gloves are shipped in cases of 10 boxes of 100 (1,000 gloves per case) except for the Nitrile Heavy Duty Extended Gloves which are shipped in cases of 10 boxes of 50 (500 gloves per case). Minimum Qty. = 1 case. **XXL=10 boxes of 90 gloves (900 gloves per case). SureCare gloves have been donned by professional Healthcare, Food Service and Industrial Personnel since the year 2000. If you are not completely satisfied with any of our products, you may request a refund or substitute product within 30 days of receipt. You must receive an RGA (Return of Goods Authorization Number) prior to shipping back product. Also, only 1 box can be opened.